Full Pet Policy

For the VERDE community

The purpose of this policy is to provide standards to insure the best possible environment for both pet owners and non-pet owners and to insure the responsible care of pets. Owners must be able to maintain control over their pets at all times.

Some dogs and cats may be accepted with certain restrictions, limitations, and requirements:

a.)    Eligible dogs and cats must be at least one (1) year old.
b.)    Eligible dogs must be fifty (50) pounds or less in weight and be fifteen (15) inches or less in height from floor to shoulder when full growth.   VERDE will allow fifty (50) pound dogs to live in first floor apartments only. Dogs living on second and third floors must be thirty (30) pounds or less.
c.)   Eligible dogs must be house broken and conditioned to indoor living. Eligible cats must be litter-box trained.
d.)    Eligible pets must be spayed or neutered. No animal offspring are allowed0
e.)     Certain dog breed restrictions apply
f.)     Residents must provide veterinary paperwork for pet showing that it is in good health and has all required vaccinations and shots.  Additionally, a letter is required from the veterinarian stating that the pet is acceptable for living within the confines of an apartment.
g.)     Eligible dogs and cats must be treated with a flea and tick preventative year round.
h.)     Dogs must be crated when resident is not present.
i.)      Eligible pets must have current license as required by state, county, and/or local regulations.
j.)     Eligible pet will be required wear an identification collar at all times.
k.)      There is an additional non-refundable up-front Pet Fee of $300 for one pet and $600 for two, plus a monthly pet fee of $40 for one pet and $80 for two.
l.)   There is a maximum of two (2) pets total permitted per apartment.
m.)     Pet weight cannot exceed 50 pounds for one pet or a combined pet weight of 75 pounds for two pets.

No exotic pets are permitted (including, but not limited to, mammals other than domesticated cats and dogs as provided for above, ferrets, rabbits, primates, birds, rodents, hamsters, gerbils, reptiles, snakes, lizards, amphibians, insects, spiders, and crustaceans).

 Restricted canine breeds include:

Any dogs with a bite history will not be permitted in addition to the following specific breeds. German Shepherd, Akita, Chow Terrier, Chow breed mix, American Staffordshire, Bull Staffordshire, or Terrier Staffordshire mix, Pitbull Staffordshire, Doberman/Doberman Pinchers, Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Rottweiler, Wolf-dog hybrid, Presa Canario, Cane Corsos, and any cross breed or related breeds. Additionally the above animals are not permitted to be pet-sat or cared for in any way in our community.

A pet will not be permitted to disturb the health, safety, rights, comfort or quiet enjoyment of other tenants. Proper care shall be exercised to prevent pets from becoming a nuisance to any other tenant or person.

Your pet must be fed and watered inside the dwelling. Do not leave animal food or water outside the dwelling at any time. Pets may not be tied to any fixed object anywhere outside. Tie outs will be removed and disposed of if found.

Failure to comply with our pet leash and clean up rules will result in fines.   We must ask that you make arrangements to pick up after your pets every time they are out. Fines of $50, $100 and $200 will be charged accordingly each time you fail to pick up or leash your pet. Remember, we have provided pet pick up stations around the community for your use. Please take advantage of this service. If pet violations are ongoing we will be forced to consider revoking your pet privileges.

In some circumstances, we may allow an animal control officer or humane society representative to enter the dwelling unit and remove the animal if, in our sole judgment, you have:

  • abandoned the pet or assistive animal
  • left the pet or assistive animal in the dwelling for an extended period of time without food or water; or
  • failed to care for the pet or assistive animal while it is ill.
  • allowed the pet or assistive animal to damage the building or home, bite or injure any person on the premises or the pet’s noises or barking cause any complaints from other tenants.

You and all co-residents will be jointly and severally liable for the entire amount of all damages caused by the pet, including all cleaning, de-fleaing, and deodorizing.   This provision applies to all parts of the dwelling unit, including carpets, doors, walls, cabinetry, screens, furniture, appliances, as well as landscaping and other outside improvements. If items cannot be satisfactorily cleaned or repaired, you must pay for us to replace them completely.

As owner of the pet, you are strictly liable for the entire amount of any injury that the pet causes to a person or to anyone’s property. You shall indemnify and hold management harmless for all costs of litigation and for all attorneys ‘fees resulting from any such damage.

We have the right to make reasonable changes to the pet rules from time to time if we distribute a written copy of any changes to every resident who is allowed to have pets.

NOTE: Documented Support and Assistive Animals (animals individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefits of a person with a disability) and police / agency dogs are excluded from this policy.